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Jueves 22. Dic 2016
Feliz Navidad ...
... y un prospero año nuevo

»Siempre el contacto entre las personas, son las que dan el valor de la vida.«
Wilhelm von Humboldt

El equipo TEKA les dar las gracias por la buena relación, por su confianza y la buena cooperación.

Les deseamos para usted y su Familia unas Felices Navidades, Suerte, Salud y Éxito en el Nuevo Año.

Ruego tengan en cuenta que nuestra empresa se encuentra cerrada del 24 de diciembre al 01 de enero 2017. A partir del 02 de enero estamos nuevamente a su
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Lunes 05. Dic 2016
Customer surprised by efficiency of TEKA unit
Robotic suction set up in Romania

The TEKA dealer Jarex recently installed a robotic vacuum cleaner at one of its customers in Romania.

Two systems were possible: a plate suction system with lamella suspension above the robot with a normal filter cube low-pressure system or alternatively a suction system with a filter cube mid-vacuum system that extracts the welding fume directly at the welding nozzle.

After a few deliberations, the second system was chosen, as the german
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Miércoles 19. Oct 2016
Euroblech with TEKA starts next week
Just a few more days ...

For this year's exhibition TEKA comes up with something really special.

An innovative concept with a lot of newly developed units that is specifically tailored to the market requirements of an optimized and digitalized world.

We invite you to visit us in hall 13, stand F34 where we present everything to the public for the first time.

Our stand that is reflecting this concept surely makes your visit an unforgettable experience.

Jueves 21. Jul 2016
TEKA unit installed in Croatia for the first time
Room ventilation solution ensures clean air in the customer's welding hall

In the small Northern Croatian town of Belovar at the company Assa Abloy Croatia - branch Metalind several TEKA suction and filtering units were assembled in April and June.

The installation was implemented in collaboration with TEKA's dealer CROMATEC d.o.o. from the vicinity of the capital Zagreb.

The workers at Assa Abloy Croatia - branch Metalind usually work on large workpieces. That's why a local
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Jurica Aleškovic of Cromatec, Maria Wenker of TEKA, Drago Kuliš of Assa Abloy Metalind and Željko Sokolovic of Cromatec are satisifed after the BlowTec-Installation.
In the smaller hall a FILTERCUBE 2H was installed. The blow-out with jet nozzles ejects the cleaned air on the opposite side of the hall.
Shown on the screen is the FILTERCUBE 2H with suction piping.

Miércoles 08. Jun 2016
TEKA impresses customers internationally
JAREX Filtertechnik SRL plans on doubling the exhibition space for next year

During the first four days of June the Metal Show 2016 took place in the Romanian capital Bucharest. TEKA presented itself at the fair with its longstanding partner JAREX Filtertechnik SRL. Many new contacts were made while just as many regular customers visited the stand of JAREX. Also present was TEKA's regional sales manager Johann Weinbender to support the team with his expertise and knowledge.

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The Metalshow 2016 took place in the heart of Bucharest

Martes 29. Mar 2016
Workstation with extraction fits in every workshop
Especially in workshops free floor space is scarce

TEKA has developed a space-saving, flexible and at 2,150 euro inexpensive workstation with extraction. The highly versatile extraction and filter unit "filtoo" is equipped with an extensive work surface attachment for welding and grinding.

The mobile workstation is particularly suitable for use in workshops of metal-working companies, garages and schools. The 1,150 mm x 750 mm big and 1350 mm high system provides enough space to

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